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  1. [990.014 MuIn LCD] Firmware update v2.2.4

    An updated firmware released for the 990.014 MuIn LCD display, it reduces the delay needed between commands on Arduino code and similar devices.

    Quote Originally Posted by Astrobeed View Post
    attached the update to version 2.2.4 of the firmware.

    I did the test with this sketch, is a bit more complex.
    void setup()
    int i;
    void loop()
       for (i =
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  2. MuIn LCD Mixed Wired/Wireless Multipoint Data Exchange Example

    This is an example of the capabilities of the MuIn LCD new boards. The PC can send data and make requests to the MuIn LCD boards. The MuIn LCD’s can read analog/digital devices attached to
    the GPIO, can display information sent from the PC, can Beep using the on-board Speaker, and more...

    Click image for larger version. 

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