• 990.005 MuIn - Multi Interface Board with PIC18F2520

    990.005 MuIn - Multi Interface Board with PIC18F2520

    The MuIn is a versatile Multi Interface Board. It is useful in many applications: robotics, automation, control, development, etc. The board is equipped with a powerful PIC18F2520 running at 40MHz. It comes preloaded with a bootloader, for serial programming and upgrading, and a firmware full of features.
    The MuIn can drive two H-Bridges with two PWM channels and two enable I/O. It can read up to five analogical devices such as temperature sensors, potentiometers, distance sensors, etc; with a 10Bit resolution. With Port B it can drive 4/8 R/C servos or it can read or write 4/8 I/O ports.
    With the I2C bus you can control almost any I2C devices, sending the commands through the serial connection. With special commands you can easily read almost all of the Devantech I2C sensor and devices and with the free GUI (Graphical User Interface) you can program the device ID with a mouse click.
    There are several ways to send and receive data to and from the MuIn, thanks to its socket you can use an XBee module to make a ZigBee connection, with an XPort module you canmake an Ethernet connection, you can talk to the MuIn through the Internet or a LAN. With our 990.004 USB to Serial converter, you can easily connect the MuIn to your PC USB port.
    Last but not least, the firmware is made to be compatible with the free version of the Microchip C18 compiler and it is Open Source (for non commercial use).

    Graphical Interface

    Technical Specifications:

    MCU: Microchip PIC18F2520
    5.0V Power: 250mA
    3.3V Power 250mA
    Servo: 500 to 2500 us
    PWM: 2.44/9.77/39.4KHz selectable
    Serial Speed: up to 115.2K selectable
    Dimensions: 52 x 68 mm


    Powerful 40MHz PIC18 MCU
    Wireless, Ethernet, USB, TTL data connections (w/optional devices)
    Serial to I2C interface
    Serial to I2C Devantech devices interface
    3.3V and 5.0V on board low drop out voltage regulators
    High PWM frequency, up to 39.4KHz
    High Serial Speed up to 115.2K
    3 LEDís for: ASSOC, RSSI and MCU status
    On board ICSP connector
    Power and Ground headers
    Power line selectable Servo
    Power Connector
    Open Source Code
    Free Graphical Interface
    Drivers and Documentation:

    Datasheet (300KB)

    PIC18F2520 Datasheet, Application Notes, Errata etc. from Microchip website