• 990.002 XBee USB Board

    990.002 XBee USB Board

    The XBee - USB Board has been designed to allow easy and reliable connection between the Xbee’s modules and PC. XBee and XBeePRO modules are fully supported, even the new XBee Series 2 is supported (but not tested yet).
    The rock solid construction, the soft start circuitry and the high power voltage regulator; ensure the maximum reliability and full performances of the XBee module.
    Four useful LEDs allow constant monitoring of the board activity and fast troubleshooting. A Features Connector provides the most important connections with the XBee module and the USB chip adding great flexibility to this board.
    The USB Mini B connector ensures a compact and easy to use board. Now with a USB to Serial
    connector, the 990.002 can be used as an USB to Serial converter!

    Technical Specifications:

    • XBee Modules: XBee and XBeePRO are fully supported. XBee Series 2 are also supported (but not tested yet)
    • USB Port: a powered (500mA) USB 1.0/2.0 port is required.
    • 3.3V OUT - Output Power: depends on the Xbee module used. About 300mA available with XBee, and 140mA with XBeePRO modules.
    • Dimensions: 52 x 34 mm - max height 7 mm without XBee


    • RSSI and ASSOCIATE LEDs to monitor Xbee activity
    • TX and RX LEDs to monitor serial activity between the Xbee module and the USB chip
    • 3.3V OUT to power external devices (MCU’s, boards, etc)
    • Soft Start circuitry to maximize reliability
    • Feature Connector to access the most important XBee and USB connections
    • USB to Serial Connector: use this board as a USB to Serial Converter

    Drivers and Documentation:

    Datasheet (100KB)

    LINK FTDI Website (FT232R)