• 990.016 XBT Bluetooth Module

    XBT Bluetooth Module

    The XBT is a miniature Bluetooth 2.0/1.2/1.1 module with a Class 1 high power amplifier and a ceramic antenna.
    Its advanced design assures a communication distance of up to 100 meters with a baud rate speed up to 921Kbps. The power consumption is very low, starting at 250uA in standby to a maximum of 100mA. The communication is reliable and secure, thanks to FHSS, 128 bit encryption and error correction schemes for packet delivery. The 2x10 pin 2mm dot pitch design assures small dimensions and XBeeTM module compatibility. Most of the pin have the same functions of the XBeeTM modules. The user can use the XBT module on almost every XBeeTM based application, enhancing communication speed, lower power consumption and enjoying half duplex communications. Great for developing wireless applications and/or to make multi purpose applications.

    Example with a 990.005 board

    Technical Specifications:

    • Frequency: 2402 ... 2480 MHz
    • Dimensions: 25 X 31 mm max height 10 mm
    • Operating Temp.: -40 to 85C
    • VDD:3.3VDC - 100mA
    • Modulation: FHSS/CFSK
    • Channel Intervals: 1MHzN. of Channels: 79
    • Trasmission rate (over the air): 721Kbps...2.0Mbps
    • Output Level: 15dBm max

    Drivers and Documentation:

    Datasheet (250KB)
    Bluetooth Datasheet (200KB)
    Bluetooth Command Guide(2.34MB)