• 990.107 1000Pads-Mini 2Relays Board [EN]

    990.107 1000Pads-Mini 2Relays Board

    Simple dual relay board. Develop the application directly on the board or attach it to another 1000pads board: it's easy and fast! Thanks to the mosfets, relay operations are microcontroller-friendly.

    The 2 leds on board indicates when the relays are active.

    Technical specifications
    • Coil voltage: 5Vdc
    • Coil power: 140mW
    • Coil resistance: 178Ω
    • Contact rating (resistive): 1A @30Vdc
    • Switching delay: set max 6mSec, release max 4mSec
    • RoHS compliant
    • Relays are single pole double throw

    The 1000pads-mini 2Relays board is compatible with 1000pads mini system. The pads pitch is standard 2,54mm. The mounting holes are 3.2mm diameter. Dimensions: 43x68mm, height:11,5 mm

    Board Layout

    Vin and "+" pads are connected together
    GND and "-" pads are connected together


    Datasheet (720Kb)