• 990.102 1000Pads-Mini XB Board [EN]

    990.102 1000Pads-Mini XB Board

    The XB Board has been designed to allow an easy and reliable connection between the Xbee’s modules and your application. XBee and XBeePRO modules are fully supported.

    The rock solid construction and the high power voltage regulator ensure the maximum reliability and full performances of the XBee module.

    Two useful LEDs allow constant monitoring of the board activity and fast troubleshooting. All the pins of the XBee are routed out.

    You can connect the Board in several methods.The SMD pads allows fast wire or SMD component soldering. Better than a Breadboard, faster than a perfboard! You can stack as many boards as your circuit grow up, no limits! The side connectors are useful for routing signals or data outside the board.
    Note: XBee module not included
    Technical specifications
    • XBee, Xbee Pro, Xbee series 2 supported
    • 3.3V Output power: about 300mA available with XBee and about 140mA with XBee PRO
    • RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator) and Associate Leds to monitor XBee activity
    • RoHS compliant

    The pads pitch is standard 2,54mm - The mounting holes are 3.2mm diameter. Dimensions: 43 x 68mm.

    Board Layout

    Red lines shows the pad connections


    Datasheet (132Kb)