• 990.101 1000Pads-Mini Basic Board [EN]

    990.101 1000Pads-Mini Basic Board

    The Basic Board is one of the simplest Board in the 1000Pads Mini system. It is also one of the most used Boards. Useful for fast prototyping, its intuitive design makes building circuits a snap. The pads are already routed in rows, in a breadboard-like design. If a link between two pads is not needed, it could be eliminated with a cutter.

    When you are happy with your circuit, you can build it on a dedicated PCB or you can leave it on the Basic Board, it is reliable over time!

    The SMD pads allows fast wire or SMD component soldering. Better than a Breadboard, faster than a perfboard! You can stack as many boards as your circuit grow up, no limits! The side connectors are useful for routing signals or data outside the board.

    Technical specifications

    • Pads Pitch: 2,54mm
    • Mounting holes: 3.2mm diameter
    • Dimensions: 43x68mm
    • RoHS Compliant

    Board Layout

    Red lines shows pads connections

    Usage examples

    A lot of wiring capabilities!

    Board to board connection

    Boards can be stacked in a pile