• 990.014 MuIn LCD [EN]

    MuIN LCD Board is a multi-interface LCD display controller compatible with HD44780 chipset and similars. MuIN LCD doesn't need to be programmed! It operates like a serial remote terminal: data received are displayed directly on the LCD and the carriage return is automatic at the end of a row. A set of useful commands is available to get the full control of the board.

    The MuIN LCD is not only capable to display simple text! Following features are available:

    • On-Board Speaker: it can play a 4KHz standard tone or an user-defined tone
    • Backlight control: the backlight can turned off or on with intensity adjustment
    • Up to 6 general purpose inputs, TTL and CMOS compatible
    • Up to 5 A/D channels with 10 bit resolution
    • Xbee slot: can be used for the connection of other compatible boards
    • RS485 connection
    • USB Bootloader for an easy firmware update without the need of a programmer
    • Commands set compatible with Matrix Orbital displays