• 990.009 H Bridge TANK-3A HP Motor Controller [EN]

    H Bridge TANK-3A HP is a powerful motor controller, designed for motor control applications and for generic automation purpose. Tank-3A HP is designed around the high-performance hybrid H-Bridge LMD18200 produced by National in order to obtain high reliability and efficiency. Two different control modes are available: Sign Magnitude (the user must feed PWM and direction signals) or Locked Anti Phase (PWM only). LAP mode here needs only one PWM signal instead of two anti-phased signals.

    Main features

    • Can deliver up to 3A DC current
    • Power supply up to 24V
    • Low RDS(ON) (0.33Ω typical)
    • TTL and CMOS compatible inputs
    • Thermal Warning Flag @ 145C
    • Automatic shut down @ 170C
    • Short Circuit protection
    • "Shoot through" current protection

    Following signals are available on the board:

    • Current consumption
    • Operating temperature
    • Overheating flag