• 990.011 MuIN dsNav - How to upload new firmware

    990.011 MuIN dsNav comes with a preinstalled bootloader that can be used for an easy upgrade of dsNav firmware without the need of a programmer.

    In order to upload new firmware, you need an RS232/TTL adapter or an USB/TTL adapter. In this tutorial we'll show the procedure using a 990.004 USB to serial micro converter.

    First You must download ds30 Loader : it's used to upload new firmware from PC. ds30 Loader is an open source work of Mikael Gustaffson, freely downloadable from downloads section.
    ds30Loader requires .NET framework
    Then you must connect your RS232/Serial adapter on UART1 connector of MuIN dsNAV (don't forget to power the board, if you use 990.004, power can be obtained from pin marked as USB 5V):

    Note: since UART1 is shared with RS485, RS485 must be disabled prior to use bootloading feature. RS485 is disabled when RS485 pads, behind the board, are open (default condition)

    Launch ds30 Loader. On the main panel (tab named "basic") you must:

    • Select the new firmware revision in the textbox "Hex-File"
    • Select the device from the drop-down menus "device". MuIN dsNav mounts a dsPIC33FJ128MC802, then you must select "dsPIC33FJ" in the first field and then "128MC802" in the second field
    • Baudrate must be 57600
    • Select the COM port where your adaptor is attached
    • Check "Write program" checkbox

    When you select hex file, in the text area will displayed "Hex-file successfully parsed"

    Press "Download button" to load new firmware on the board:

    ds30Loader will begin to upload new firmware:

    After a while a message "Download finished" must appear: