• 990.023P Luigino328 PROTOTYPE [EN]

    990.023P Luigino328 PROTOTYPE

    Luigino328 is an Arduino Compatible board. It runs all the applications made for Arduino, it has the same form factor, it is arduino-shield compatible*, the Arduino IDE sees this board as an Arduino 2009.

    Like every Luigino boards, the Luigino328 has something different from the Arduino board.

    We studied Arduino and we found we could improve it. This is, actually, a dual microcontroller board! We added a small PIC12F to manage some features:

    Automatic Voltage Selector

    The PIC12F automatically switch from USB power to VIN power when an external power source is connected. No user intervention is required, no current flows to the USB bus.

    Automatic Serial Port Selector
    During programming, the TX and RX pins are directly connected to the FTDI chip and the external socket is disconnected. You can program Luigino328 without removing any shield using the serial port.

    Luigino328 knows when you want to program it or you just want to open the serial port from the PC. It resets only for programming. You can easily turn this feature on or off if needed.

    * This is a PROTOTYPE board.
    There is a small bug in the layout: the ICSP connector has a small offset of 0.125mm up and left, half standard pitch of 0.254mm. While this is not a problem in most applications, there may be some shield using this connector for power and communication, in this case a little tweeking is needed. The only shield using this connector, we are aware of is the Ethernet Shield and XBee Shield.
    This issue can be easily fixed in 5 minutes following this Tutorial.

    Due to this hardware bug, we are selling this batch of Luigino328 at a lower price.

    For more information on Arduino, to get the software, to learn, to see code examples, go to arduino.cc

    More documents coming soon ....

    This Project is released under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license, which allows for both personal and commercial derivative works, as long as they credit Arduino and Luigino, and release their designs under the same license.

    The Arduino name is a Trademark of the Arduino Team. Thanks to the Arduino Team to support this wonderful project!