• 990.023 Luigino328 PROTOTYPE - ICSP Connector mod - Tutorial [EN]

    How to modify the ICSP connector of the Luigino328 PROTOTYPE
    to match Arduino Shields ICSP connector

    Some Arduino Shields use the ICSP connector power pins and/or data pins. On the Luigino328 PROTOTYPE this connector is in the wrong place, anyway with a lenght of wire and 5 minutes, you can easily fit any Arduino Shields on the Luigino328P.

    1 - What you need to start is:

    1. a Luigino328 PROTOTYPE board
    2. an Arduino Shield with ICSP female connector (XBee shield, Ethernet Shield, etc)
    3. 12mm of 24AWG wire
    4. an iron solder
    5. pliers

    2 - Make 6 lenghts of about 20mm of wire

    3 - Insert the wires in the female ICSP header of the shield

    4 - Cut the external row of the wires to make them about 5mm lower. This will help in the following step.

    5 - Put the shield in place on the Luigino328 and carefully insert each wire in the ICSP footprint of the Luigino. Start with the longer wires, then following with the short ones. You can use a small screwdriver or small pliers.

    6 - Solder the six wires in place.

    7 - Cut the wire in excess.

    8- Remove the shield and that's it! You now have a perfect Arduino Shield compatible ICSP connector.