• 990.023 Luigino328 - User Manual [EN]

    The 990.023 Luigino328 is an Arduino-compatible board with some added features that's make easier the software development. With Luigino328 You can use same software, sketches and shield normally used with Arduino.
    Board marked as PROTOTYPE (code 990.023P) has a little defect on ICSP connector: this is lightly moved of 0.05" straight-left. This is not a big problem since it doesn't compromise hardware functions but if you want to use some shields needings ICSP connector (like the Ethernet or XBee shields) you must do a little adjustment as explained here: http://www.droids.it/cmsvb4/content....connettore-ICS

    Technical Specifications

    • ATMega328 MCU (bootloader preloaded)
    • Operating voltage: 5V
    • Input voltage (recommended): 7 - 12Vdc
    • Input voltage (limit): 6 - 12Vdc
    • Digital I/O: 14 (6 of them can provide a PWM output)
    • Max current on a pin: 40mA
    • Max current on 3.3V pin: 50mA
    • Flash memory: 32Kb (2Kb used by bootloader)
    • SRAM:2Kb
    • Clock Frequency: 16MHz
    • USB Over-current protected
    • Automatic Voltage Selector
    • Automatic Serial Port selector
    • Stronger Voltage Regulator
    • You can use Arduino UNO bootloader (Optiboot)
    • SmartReset

    Features in red are Luigino328-exclusive!

    The Luigino328 has a secondary preprogrammed MCU on board (PIC12F675) that assolves some "dirty work" and makes Luigino328 easier to use. Let's see:

    Automatic Voltage Selector
    On Arduino, if you use both USB and an external power supply, the board will use power from USB. An USB port can't drive more than 500mA and the power here is not quite clean! This is also a trouble if you leave Arduino powered while is connected on USB with computer off: power will flow from external supply to the USB plug!
    On Luigino328 when an external power supply is connected, the USB power is detached: the results are that USB port is more protected, you can draw more current and the output from A/D conversions are more reliable!

    Automatic Serial Port Selector
    Many Arduino users well know that they must unplug a shield that uses the UART before programming. This is very boring! Luigino328 is capable of detect the real usage of UART: external uart is automatically disconnected while programming! You must not unplug any shield now!

    Stronger Voltage Regulator
    Some Arduino Duemilanove uses the MC33269D voltage regulator. On Luigino328 we've mounted an LM1117: it's more reliable and stronger since is a voltage regulator used for industrial purposes.

    Optiboot Compatible
    Luigino328 comes with Arduino Duemilanove Bootloader but if you want, you can replace the chip with an ATmega328 with Arduino UNO bootloader: Luigino still works with this! Arduino Duemilanove can't use Optiboot instead. Optiboot is lighter than Duemilanove bootloader (0.5Kb instead of 2Kb) and is faster: it operates at 115200bps against the 57600bps used by Arduino Duemilanove.

    If you want to communicate with your Arduino-based application using the serial port, Arduino will reset. On Luigino328 the SmartReset™ feature gives the ability of make this difference: ATMega will reset only during a programming but will remain active if you open a serial communication with your application! More time saved!

    How to Enable/Disable SmartReset™ Feature
    Luigino comes with SmartReset™ disabled in order to mantain the compatibility with Arduino IDE for MacOs. If you want to enable this feature you must follow this procedure:

    • Disconnect power from Luigino328
    • Using a short piece of wire, connect two pads showed in following picture, near PIC12F675 chip:

    • Power Luigino328
    • Wait a couple of seconds and remove the wire
    • Unpower and then power Luigino328: the new setting is now effective

    You can see current setting by observing L1 Led: 3 fast flashes will indicate that Luigino328 is working in Arduino-compatible mode (SmartReset™ disabled), 5 fast flashes are the proof that SmartReset™ is enabled.

    Other features
    Other features of Luigino328 are the same of Arduino and you can found them on official site: http://arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoBoardUno

    Bootloader Selection
    Luigino328 comes with Arduino Duemilanove bootloader, then you must select "Arduino Duemilanove" option in Tools->Board menů of Arduino IDE as shown:

    If you've changed bootloader don't forget to select "Arduino UNO" instead.
    You can find more informations about Bootloaders used on Arduino on this page: http://arduino.cc/en/Hacking/Bootloader

    Where to start?
    Arduino is easy to use also by people that doesn't know a programming language. Better place to start is the official Getting started guide: http://arduino.cc/en/Guide/HomePage