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Luigino?? Whaaat??

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Yes, the Luigino is born!

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What is the Luigino?

Simple: the Luigino is our contribution to the huge world of Arduino microcontroller boards.

Luigino is not a simple Arduino clone, each Luigino project has a special feature, something missing in the Arduino or something to add, or maybe something less of the Arduino, but at a ridicolous price; it is our interpretation of the Arduino project.

Here it is the 1000Pads Luigino. A basic board, available in kit or assembled or bare board. Small, simple, reliable, easy, practical!

Probably one of the cheapest Arduino compatible board on the market today!

Let's say you have made your last Arduino based project, you have to put everything in a box with pots, switch, LED's and so on ... Why put a precious Arduino board inside a box? Just transfer the program in a 1000Pads Luigino! It's cheaper! Same features!

Obviously you can also use Luigino for developing, you need a USB to Serial converter like our 990.004 to program the Chip, then unplug the converter and the board is ready to run your application!

Same form factor of our 1000Pads System: you can easily add RS485, XBee, USB, Proto, etc to the Luigino!

The 1000Pads Luigino will be on sale at the end of September 2010