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MuIn USB - How to connect Switches on PortB

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If you're going to connect some switches on your MuIn USB (using your firmware), you can consider using PORTB since it has integrated pull-up resistors: one pin of the switch will be connected to GND and other pin on PORTB Input. You'll detect the button pressed with some instructions like those:

if (!LATBbits.LATBx) // x=0...7
// instructions to execute if button pressed
// instructions to execute if button not pressed

To activate integrated pullup resistors you must include portb.h library in top of your program:

#include <portb.h>

and the activate pullup resistors with dedicate function:


Notice tha inputs B0 and B1 are also used by I2C peripheral. If you want use them for switches, you must solder the I2C jumper-pads on the botton of MuIN USB however: solder pad 1 with pad 2 to connect an external pullup resistor on B0 and B1.

If you don't do this, pushing a button on B0 will cause also B1 toggling and vice-versa.
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