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Thread: MuIn LCD - change baud setting

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    MuIn LCD - change baud setting


    how do i do for changing baud setting in software downloaded?

    i don't see anything on software for changing baud.

    i can only select COM port.


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    Hi Andromeda,

    you can set the Baud Rate with this command:

    Baud Rate selection
    Command: 0xFE 0x39 [speed]
    changes baud rate (default:19200). Speed is a value indicating baud rate as by following list:
    01 = 57600
    02 = 38400
    03 = 19200
    04 = 9600
    05 = 4800
    06 = 2400
    Example: 0xFE 0x39 0x04 will change baud rate to 9600kbps
    Note: the display functionality is not guaranteed with baud rates above 57600 for temporization issues with some LCD display models. The suggested baud rate is 19200
    You can also use the GUI. Just go to the Setup tab and set the desired Baud Rate.


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