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Thread: MuIN LCD - delay after command in arduino ?

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    When the new firmware will be in upload for downloading ?


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    very soon, I just have to prepare package for automatic updating via USB bootloader.

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    attached the update to version 2.2.3 of the firmware, solved the problem LCD MuIn excessive delay with Arduino.
    To update the firmware first thing press "BOOTLOADER" button (GUI setup panel), the LCD MuIn autoreset activating the internal bootloader, the display remains off and L1 flashes.
    Launch the program DroidsLoader.exe ", press "OPEN" button and load the file "DR_LCD_v2.2.3.bin ", press "UPDATE" button and wait a few seconds for the end of procedure.
    At the end of the program procedure disconnect the USB cable and connect to power supply, or reconnect the USB, the card start with he new firmware.
    The splash screen will notify you successfully updated to release 2.2.3.
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    1) I have tested new firmware and now all commands work with delay (20) its ok.

    2) When i put delay(40) for clear command and delay(5) for other command is ok.

    3) Command horizontal bar graph it don't work (0xFE, 0x7C) with new firmware.

    void setup()

    void loop()


    void clear()
    Serial2.print(0xFE, BYTE);
    Serial2.print(0x58, BYTE);

    void graphinit()
    Serial2.print(0xFE, BYTE);
    Serial2.print(0x68, BYTE);

    void bargraph(byte col, byte row, byte dir, byte length)
    Serial2.print(0xFE, BYTE);
    Serial2.print(0x7C, BYTE);
    Serial2.print(col, BYTE);
    Serial2.print(row, BYTE);
    Serial2.print(dir, BYTE);
    Serial2.print(length, BYTE);
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    i can simulate progress bar with ascii code 4

    int i;

    for(i =0; i < 20; i++)

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