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Thread: Luigino + FTDI cable

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    Luigino + FTDI cable

    I bougth a Luigino and i'm very statisfied, but i have a small problem.
    I'm a total beginner about electronics, but usually in Arduino clone you have a six pin header to connect FTDI cable.
    In Luigino i couldn't find a way to do it, maybe the solution is simple...

    If possible i don't want to use your USB to Serial converter 990.004.

    Thanks in advance for your reply.


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    Hi Luca,
    to program the Luigino, you need only 3 pins: TX,RX and GND. The DTR pin is used to automatically reset the board. To start programming, the ATMega needs to be reset. Anyway you can do it manually if you prefer.

    In the Luigino datasheet there is a connection scheme with the 990.004 but you can use any converter, the signal pins are the same for most converter.

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