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Thread: [XBee USB Board] Broken?

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    [XBee USB Board] Broken?


    I've just brought (from eBay) an "XBee kit":

    - 3 XBee "1" modules
    - 3 Droids' XBee simple boards
    - 2 Droids' XBee USB boards

    One USB board works fine: when I connect it to my laptop Windows asks for FTDI drivers and I can use X-CTU to configure my modules... the other one seems broken:

    - when I insert USB cable, RX and TX leds blink once
    - Windows doesn't recognize it
    - if I insert an XBee module, the ASSOC led blinks

    Is there anything I can test to confirm it doesn't work? Could it be the FTDI chip? The boards were sold working even if already used...


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    windows must detect the FTDI chip for the board to work. Try using a different USB cable.

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    Thanks for your reply... I tried 2 cables without luck... the other USB board works fine with both of them.

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    There's something wrong with the USB connector or the USB chip. It seems the voltage from the USB is correctly regulated, if you see ASSOC blinking. It's strange, the FTDI chip is very reliable and all the boards are QC tested.
    I'm afraid you can do nothing to fix the problem...

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