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Thread: 3 Xbees burnt out .. no clue why

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    3 Xbees burnt out .. no clue why


    I bought 4 xbees for evaluation, with 2 breakout boards, and 2 usb adapters.
    (1 xbee came from the arduino xbee shield, with chip antenna).

    Today, 3 of the 4 xbees (2 with wire antenna, one with chip antenna) burnt out.
    The first is shorting the 3.3V supply, both breakout board and usb adapter heat up, while with others it worked fine.
    2 others are simply not answering on XCtu with usb adapter, nor they blink the led on the breakout board.
    The 3 times, it happened suddenly, without manipulating my prototype.

    I supply the breakout board with regulated 5V. I connected 2 analog inputs to the xbee (100KOhm potentionmeter supplied with the 3.3 from board, so variable pin is 0->3.3), and outputs connected to base of basic transistor, with a 2Kohm limiting resistor between, leading to ( (3,3-0,7)/2 = 1,3mA) output current (per pin).

    Bad xbee serie? (the one supplied with arduino didn't take the same way, probably a different serie)
    Defectuous breakout board? (measured 3,29V on 3.3 pin...)
    Static electricity hyper sensitivity? (never burnt out dozen of computer CPU or pic microC in 10+years, and then 3 xbees in a row?)
    Over current output? (What is the max current per pin? and max cumulative? Just found in xbee datasheet a min voltage ouput @2mA, but no more)

    For the moment, I consider redesigning my project, including abandoning wireless, unless I found my mistake.

    Thanks for any input,

    PS : I've contacted digi support, waiting for answer.
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    Which breakout board and usb adapters you've used?

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