I have a PicKit 2 ICSP programmer, working like a charm with the 990.005 board. An I can also program an USB boot loader or other small programs.

But with mine, which is still small enough to fit into the flash memory I get an error with different but higher addresses like seen below.

It is not the PIC, I have inserted a brand new with same result. And the board has nothing connected to it, no servos, no IO pins, nothing. And even if, why does it fail at larger addresses?? I would have expected it works or it doesn't

Any idea what to check?

Programming Target (30.03.2011 19:34:18)
PIC18F2550 found (Rev 0x7)
Reading Device EEPROM Memory Existing Contents
Erasing Target
Programming Program Memory (0x0 - 0x6B3F)
Verifying Program Memory (0x0 - 0x6B3F)
PK2Error0027: Failed verify (Address = 0x421A - Expected Value 0xE02 - Value Read 0x0)
PICkit 2 Ready