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Thread: MuIN USB - where to find the boot loader

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    MuIN USB - where to find the boot loader

    Where do I find the shipped boot loader for the MuIN USB so I can program it again onto the PIC?

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi Werner,
    you can find it here.

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    Thank you. I found it but not where expected. So for others benefit:

    The download "Programming example: USB CDC Stack v.2.7 (Mplab C18)" contains all:

    The "MUIN_USB_Bootloader.hex" to be programmed via the ICSP.
    The "HIDBootloader.exe" also found as a separate download in above's page.
    The "rm18f4550 - HID Bootloader.lkr" Linkerscript to be used in your project as Linker Script. Yes, the name says 4550 but it actually contains the pic18f2550 settings.
    And when programming leave the "Allow Configuration Word Programming" disabled in the HIDBootLoader.exe.

    Don't forget to remap the vector for reset pointer and the interrupts in your source code.
    extern void _startup (void); // See c018i.c in your C18 compiler dir
    #pragma code _RESET_INTERRUPT_VECTOR = 0x001000
    void _reset (void)
    _asm goto _startup _endasm
    #pragma code

    #pragma code _HIGH_INTERRUPT_VECTOR = 0x001008
    void Remapped_High_ISR (void)
    _asm goto YourHighPriorityISRCode _endasm
    #pragma code

    #pragma code _LOW_INTERRUPT_VECTOR = 0x001018
    void Remapped_Low_ISR (void)
    _asm goto YourLowPriorityISRCode _endasm
    #pragma code

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